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We are now living in the digital world. Gone are the days when people would rely on the newspaper for daily updates on hiring, businesses, and the economy. Gone are the days when people would rely on word of mouth to spread the news on the opening of their new bakeshop. Right now, everything has to be digital. For something to be fully known, it has to be translated visually for all the world to see.

As we are living in the digital age, this has brought a lot of improvement when it comes to tv production. When it comes to relaying messages or marketing your business, good video production is a must. Sometimes, that is even the first thing that your target audience or consumers would look for.

Why Video Production Matters

1. Gives the Actual First Impression

The quality of your video production is essential. Moreover, having one at least is very important. This gives the first impression on your company, business, or organization, whether you are promoting a product or merely making a statement.

When people hear your company or organization for the first time, they often look for a video first. They do so because a video is the most efficient way of getting to know a company, a product, or news. When they see that your video is of high quality, they immediately relate this high-quality video to a high-quality organization or business.

They will realize that because this is a high-quality video, this company must also have put in a lot of quality ideas from quality people to make this video work.

2. People Discover Your Branding

People Discover Your Branding
Along with the digital age and technological innovations comes the importance of interactive, consistent, and well thought out branding. It is all about branding, especially for millennials. That is why it is an investment to hire people who can create good branding for your company, as well.

Your branding can also be seen in how your video was done. A video has a powerful way of being able to invoke emotions from the viewers, such as happiness, excitement, confidence, professionalism, and even sadness.

This is especially important for companies who need good marketing for them to survive. Even if you are providing them with information and not trying to sell something, branding is still essential. Branding is not just about marketing. Branding makes a statement about your organization. If you are providing information or conveying news, branding seen from the video production can say a lot about how the accuracy and professionalism of the company behind the video.

3. It is an Investment

You will be shocked to see the return of investing in good video production. You do not need 20 good video productions. You just need about three or four amazing ones. The frequency and quantity of your company’s video productions do not matter. What matters is the impact of a few videos on the viewers, especially your target audience.

The people will not remember that your organization posts a video every day, because they will need just one good video to be satisfied. You will definitely need follow-up videos too because your target audience will now be wanting to get to know your organization or business more. You have gotten them on the hook.

4. Bring Your Product or Service to A Global Scale

Bring Your Product or Service to A Global Scale
If you want to stick to traditional media such as word-of-mouth, radio, or even the newspaper, these would still work because these media are still alive. However, if you want to bring forth your product or service to a bigger stage, good video production definitely is essential.

The global scale provides healthy competition for all sorts of business and companies. In case you haven’t noticed, successful companies invest in good video production.

5. Easy-To-Digest

This is probably the most straightforward reason why you need good video production. Sometimes, you have so much to say about the product, service, or the news you want to share with the world. We all know that most people have a short attention span, and they do not have the time and energy to read long posts.

A video, on the other hand, gives them a fun and concise way of finding out what you want to say. Moreover, most people are visual and would appreciate if things were handed to them through a video rather than giving the effort to read long posts.

BA Productions

Across Northern California, there are dozens of teams that provide video production services. It is important that you choose a team that is experienced, professional, skilled, and always on-the-go such as BA Productions.

We have been in the industry since 1992 to cater to the video production needs of various clients, such as agencies, television networks, and business corporations.

What Makes Us Special

1. We Are Available 24/7

There are only a few teams who provide immediate service when you need it. We understand that are some things that need to be rushed, and you need a team in an instant. We are available night and day to cater to your video production needs. Just give us a call, and we will be ready to shoot.

2. We Give Respect to The Concept of Completion

We Give Respect to The Concept of Completion
The quality of a video production does not only rely on visual aesthetics, but also the content and substance. There are some who forget that content is king. That is why we give importance to every step in the process of creating a video production.
  • Pre-Production
    This involves concept development and scriptwriting, where the content starts to cook.
  • Production
    This is where we turn the concept and script into reality. We gather the right talent and get the necessary equipment to execute the idea.
  • Post-Production
    This is where the magic continues as we take the raw ingredients from the production and cook them further by editing the clips, adding music, putting effects, and making them motion perfect.

3. Aerial Filming Services

We are also one of the few teams that offer aerial filming services or drone services. From the videos we see online, a lot of companies really use aerial services. This puts an edge to your video. We want to make sure that all our clients have the best options to ensure that their video reaches its maximum potential.

4. The Director of Photography and Camera Crew

We have an experienced, skilled, and professional camera crew guided by our founder, Brendan Compton. Brendan has more than 25 years of experience in the field of video production and broadcasting. As he shares his experience and knowledge with our camera crew, you are assured of excellent service and an outstanding output.

Ready to shoot? We are available 24/7. Book us by calling 877.378.7225. Lights, camera, action!