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Video production companies play an important role in driving and increasing the sales of a business or company. If you are interested in hiring a production company and are wondering about the extent of what they can do for you, then you’re in the right place. Here at BA Productions, we will be discussing the different ways a video production company can help you and your business. 

What is a Video Production Company?

When you hear the term “video production company” what comes to mind? We usually use it to refer to a team of skilled and experienced creative experts that specialize in creating high-quality video-based services such as well-produced films that are commonly used for promotions, marketing, or broadcasting. 

A video production company is responsible for working on the different processes of film production. They work on creating concepts, recording the videos, up to the exporting the final draft of the video production. There are plenty of steps included in the video production process, such as planning of concepts and ideas, writing the script, scheduling, casting of actors or extras for the film, shooting, editing, composing of music, and submitting the final draft of the video. 

Having the right crew is important to a video production company. A film will not be created by just a single person alone, it will require different team members with different roles to perform to accomplish it. A production team will work on a video production project. They have various roles such as director, director of photography, editor, cinematographer, screenwriter, etc. 

A video production company like BA Productions will be willing to help you manage your prepared budget. They will help you work out the different aspects of the video production project without having to spend too much. If your company needs a video for promotion purposes, then they will consider the objectives and goals of the project and accomplish them accordingly. A responsible and reliable video production company will see to it that the goals and objectives of the project will be met during the production process. 

Whenever your company needs video content whether, for broadcast or promotional purposes, the usual reaction is that it can be costly, however, contrary to that idea, hiring a full-service video production company to create your company’s video content will prove to be an effective, practical, and efficient use of your company’s budget and time. 

Check out below the list of services a full-service video production company will provide their clients.

Complete Production Services

A video production company will be capable of providing different types of services such as in-house pre-production, production, and post-production. They will be able to cater to your video project needs. 

Video production will require a whole team to accomplish it. This may include the following: director, producer, screenwriter, sound director, editor, photography director, etc. You may think that not everyone will be necessary to create a video production but they are needed because they are responsible for different types of tasks that are important in the completion of your project. 

Equipment and Tools

Just a camera and a tripod are not enough to create your company’s promotional video. A full-service video production company carries different types of equipment and tools such as cameras, lenses, tripods, lights, microphones, sound mixers, etc. If you hire them, you can save money because you do not have to rent any equipment. They have the tools and equipment needed for shooting a quality video and they also use the latest video editing and sound editing software that will be used for post-production.

Online Video Production Services

The use of promotional videos has increased in popularity among different companies. It has been an integral part of inbound marketing which has gained a lot of attention from the public. Video content has become an efficient and effective tool in catching the attention and engaging the clients. It helps a company’s online presence and SEO. Video content will help bring in company sales, conversions, marketing, or brand awareness. A video production company is capable of creating high-quality video content for your company’s promotional needs. 

What Kind of Videos Can a Production Company Create?

Company Videos 

This type of video can be educational to the target audience. This will provide information on what your company is about and it can allow the public to clearly understand your brand’s identity. 

Informational Videos

This type of video can consist of products, demos, and processes of a specific product or a behind-the-scenes video that can show your company is relatable as well as transparent to the public eye. 

Employee Bio Videos

This type of video can show that your employees are approachable and relatable. 

Blog Videos

This type of video can be useful in enhancing your company’s article content. Video content can increase your audience as it can easily capture everyone’s attention compared to a photo or an article’s paragraph full of words. A video company will work with you to work on identifying the objectives and goals of your marketing strategy. They will create concepts and ideas based on your goals and they will also write the script before the production starts. 

Promotional Video Production Services

Traditional outbound marketing has been effective in bringing the success of a company by increasing the public’s awareness regarding their brand. This type of marketing involves TV commercial video production, broadcast or documentaries, and films. A full-service video production company has the right resources to create them. A commercial video production needs a different strategy since its length has a limited time and may only cover a few seconds to a full minute to convey the message to the target audience.

A commercial is usually short because you will pay for the air time that it will be allowed to play. The commercial video must be brief, concise, and clear so that it will be effective in increasing conversion rates. Documentaries, on the other hand, are usually longer and may last up to an hour or so, and will need more resources to generate and accomplish. 

Corporate Video Production Services

A full-service video production company is capable of creating corporate videos. Corporate videos are used by a company to help disseminate information to their business partners and clients regarding their company. It can also be useful in providing information to your new employees. Below are some of the corporate videos that a video production company can create:

Orientation and Training Videos

If you have newly hired employees, this type of video can help them understand the process of your company. This can be helpful for them to acquire the knowledge and understanding about the processes and rules that your company follows. This can also ensure that the organizational socialization process will run smoothly and that the training among your newly hired employees will be coherent and uniform. 


Testimonials are often used to allow your audience to understand and trust your process. They will provide a smooth way of giving opinions regarding your company’s brand, products, and services. They can also help show your customers and target audience that your products and services are effective and efficient. 

Marketing and Promotional Videos

This type of videos will help promote your brand by accentuating your products, services, events, marketing campaigns, awards, and important milestone achievements that your brand has reached and accomplished. 

Event Features

The filming and recording of the company events and creating them into a video of event highlights that you disseminate to your audience and business partners will allow them to see the behind-the-scenes setting of your company and employees. 

Sales and Marketing Production Services

A video production company is capable of producing a video regarding product demos that fully explain the advantages of using your products and hiring your services. They will also generate presentation videos that make use of aesthetic visuals and exciting filming techniques that will catch your target audience’s attention.

Skills and Experience

A full-service video production company like BA Productions has the skills and experience needed to create effective and efficient videos that your business and company will benefit from. We are a multi-award-winning full-service video production company capable of delivering HD and 4K video-based services. We have been working in the video production industry for more than 25 years already.

We have experience creating television documentaries, network news, entertainment videos, and corporate video production. If you are interested in learning more about our company please let us know! You can book us by filling up this contact form here.

You can check out our portfolio for our different video-based services such as Documentaries or Broadcasts, Corporate or Promotional, or Aerial Filming. We are COVID-19 ready and follow COVID-19 protocols and recommendations so that we can keep everyone safe while filming.

If you are located in Sacramento California or anywhere near Northern California, you must hire a reliable video production like BA Productions. Since 1992, we have been successfully working in the video production industry.  We have multiple awards for our video-making skills and offer high-quality video-based services such as broadcast and promotional services, and aerial filming.

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