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To gain new customers and make their business more appealing to their audience, companies usually create different types of content. Creating video content is an efficient way of connecting and engaging your prospective customers and letting them know about your products and services.

If you want to create video content, then it would be valuable if you understand the various types of videos you can produce to gain your intended purpose.

Here, we are going to explore what video content is, understand the advantages of creating video content for marketing, and a list of the various types of video content you can use for connecting and engaging with your audience.

What is Video Content?

A video camera operated by a Director of Photography in front of a green screen.

Video content is comprised of various materials that are delivered through video format. This includes testimonial videos, product demos, presentations, vlogs, and much more. Most companies use video content for their marketing strategy.

Through video content, customers will get to know more about the products and services offered by these companies. Hence, strong relationships and trust with customers are built and strengthened. The following are some of the different kinds of video content that can be produced by companies:


A video blog or vlog is a short video that can be produced for the purpose of connecting and engaging with its viewers in a more thoughtful and conversational way.

An influencer can also help you market your products or services through vlogs. Or you can use one of your staff to produce a vlog showcasing the products of your company.

For instance, the vlog might show the staff or the influencer using your products or services as part of their daily routine. This is an excellent way of showing the value of your products in a simple, yet engaging way.

Meet the Team

This is a great opportunity for you to reveal the company culture. In this video, the audience will get the chance to see the behind-the-scenes where you will expose some of the staff of your company and introduce their names and roles.

This can provide the audience with a glimpse of your company, making them feel more connected with it. Since the viewers already know the people behind your company, they will feel a personal attachment to your business.


A group of people sitting around a table in a Northern California restaurant.

Generally, videos that feature presentations showcase slides along with some narration. The narrator will utilize the presentation slides while speaking to the audience.

Most often, video presentations are one of the best ways of providing information to the audience. For instance, presentation videos can be used to teach people how to assemble or use a particular product.

Providing your audience with step-by-step instructions through audio and video descriptions allows them to follow along. Videos can be very valuable for this type of instructive material since you’ll get the chance to rewind or pause the video any time you want.

Social Media Video

This refers to the videos that can be posted to the social media accounts of the company. You can either take some clips from your existing videos or create a fresh video.

Typically, social media videos are brief and fast-paced to retain the interest of your followers. As much as possible, you should be up to date with the current social media trends so you can make videos that are current and interesting.

Another good thing about this kind of video is that you can incorporate hashtags in promoting your videos on different channels.

Video Email

Instead of writing down valuable information, you could create a video about it. Then, attach this video to your email rather than writing the text. Videos can be more engaging compared to a text email.

Also, video emails can grab the attention of your customers. Once your customer receives the email, they will immediately open it and watch the video. In other words, they can easily access your video content right from their inbox.

Question and Answer

A Northern California videography crew, led by an award-winning director of photography, collaborates on capturing moments with their camera on the street.

Question and answer or Q&A video includes frequently asked questions regarding your business or company. And these questions will be answered by one or two employees from your company.

You could choose to create a single video that contains all the questions or a series of videos where the questions are distributed. You could post these Q&A videos to your social media channels or your website. Doing this can provide viewers with more information about your company, enhancing transparency and trust.


Tutorial videos teach people how things are done. Try to search for a certain topic that is related to your field and create a tutorial video about it. In this way, you are helping customers learn something.

For instance, if you are involved in the retail industry, you could produce a tutorial video that shows how patterns can be blended in outfits. Or if you are involved in the food industry, you can get creative by producing a recipe tutorial video.


A man is talking to a camera while another man is standing next to him, capturing the moment with professional Northern California videography.

As the name says, interview videos are comprised of interviews from different people. Search for individuals who can relate to your field such as industry leaders, influencers, speakers, etc.

These video interviews can also be interviews of the staff in your company. However, before you can create an interview video, you should list down the questions that you would want to ask.

These questions can also come from your social media followers. This is an excellent way of engaging your customers, making them feel important and valuable.


A webinar is a video that showcases an online seminar where viewers can gather together and learn something while making connections. Generally, there is only one presenter, and the viewers can ask them questions.

Webinars can also be used as a marketing strategy by providing the audience with more information about your company or introducing your products to them.

This is a unique style of video content since you’ll get the chance to engage with a live audience. Another option is to record your webinar and publish it so people can get the chance to view it and have a discussion about it.

Topic Videos

If there is a specific field that your company is focusing on, you can produce topic videos for it. For instance, if your company focuses on the healthcare industry, then you can make a series of topic videos that contain relevant information about how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Making videos on a certain topic that is related to your industry can grow your audience and attract more prospective customers. In addition, you can think of recent events and try to connect them to topics within your industry. Linking your company to recent events can help in enhancing your relevance.

Brand Film

A brand film can highlight the vision, mission, and values of your company by using advanced film techniques such as sound effects, storytelling, and visuals to produce an impactful representation.

It would be a good idea to work with a professional videographer to create this relevant, high-quality brand film. Having a well-produced brand film will showcase the kind of professionalism that you will be offering to your new customers, making them more attracted to your business.


A director of photography capturing television documentaries using a cell phone displaying the YouTube logo.

The main purpose of making an animated film is to provide your audience with some entertainment, making them more engaged to your company.

There are different topics that you could include in your animation film such as a customer’s story, your company’s story, information about a specific subject, a tutorial on how to do something, and many more.

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