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Going viral nowadays is something every celebrity, marketer, or content creator’s ultimate dream. A viral video under your belt creates colossal opportunities for your brand, career, or company. This quickly spells out the difference between videos with zero views and those that gained billions. If your content gets people watching, hitting the like button, and sharing, you can achieve overnight success, and yours will become a household name.

The secret formula to creating content that can go madly viral remains a secret. Be wary if somebody tells you they can make your video viral. Because no one has yet held control over how a few rolls of film can sweep and sway millions of fingertips to click those essential buttons.

However, there appear to be several similarities that many viral videos share. It gives creators a better chance to produce a viral hit. While it’s not a perfect concoction, the ingredients you can combine to create a memorable material are listed here. So read on.

What makes a video go viral?

An average individual with a social media accounts scrolls through hundreds of posts daily. Do they remember everything? No, not unless it captures their attention. Viral videos do this and more. It compels its viewers to engage, comment, and share. It will then run on many social media feeds, gush towards the trending hashtag list, evolve into memes, and catch the attention of media outlets. The media, such as TV networks and newspapers, will finally distribute it to a more mainstream audience.

Going viral will put your name or brand on the rounds. Unfortunately, it can circulate for all the wrong reasons. This is why you want to be careful when creating content, especially if your name is on the line. You want to be sure that you only produce high-quality videos. This way, you won’t worry about losing face if ever it becomes viral. By then, it will be out of your hands. The success, reach, interpretation, and staying power of your content will be based on your audience. 

The Top 8 Elements of a Viral Video are:


Everyone needs a daily dose of inspiration. Conveying a compelling and uplifting message will strike a chord with your audience. It can be a warm story or just a heartfelt message that will resonate with them. The positivity will surely be welcomed and spread across their and friends’ feeds. This is because personal stories that inspire and uplift always fall into the viral-worthy content category.


The most popular ads, whether on the internet or TV, are like mini-movies. This works well because storytelling is one of the best ways to engage people with your brand. Through a story, you help them relate to your message. It is an excellent way to keep them coming back for more.


Your video is more likely to go viral if it taps into a current trend. Go with the flow, and the crowd will follow. You don’t always have to agree with the craze. Going against the concept in the spotlight will cast a shadow and catch some attention. 


Everyone has a different sense of humor. That is why humor must be the most challenging element to get right. To pull it off, you have to be absolutely funny. The rule is to keep it simple. Memes and catchphrases use humor to expand their reach, and they are successful. Viewers love sharing humorous content on their feed.


Some content uses shock tactics. Others attempt the light-hearted approach. Using an approach that goes against the grain makes them great. Your video needs to evoke an emotion from your viewers. Whether happy, sad, or shocking, emotions are the key to having people stay and watch your video through. Being able to relate to your story gets them emotionally invested. This urges them to engage, share, and remember. It will leave a lasting stamp on their memories.


A surefire way to get people to notice your videos is to keep the content familiar. Make your posts consistent and recurring by employing a couple of central themes and using them across your posts. This practice will help you to establish your brand. Once your audience is familiar with what kind of content to expect, they are more likely to stay tuned for your future videos. 

Famous singers and songwriters have used this tactic even before the digital age. They master one or two genres of music and their fans, people who are into their kind of tunes, always await the release of their new albums.


The timing of your videos is one of the most crucial factors in marketing. When you will post or launch dictates its viral potential. Creating visually exciting and engaging content that is shareable at a particular time is a great way to go viral. The social media algorithms rank content based on engagement. Comments, likes, and shares will manifest that viral reach. Remember that it pays to know your audience well. 

Always consider what kind of publicity you generate with the videos you release. It is also best to utilize the heat of anticipation. Famous movie franchises use this approach all the time. They release teaser videos, making their audience wait with bated breath. Knowing the best time to post and keeping the high-energy content coming will also be rewarding.


Quality not only refers to the production value of your video. More essentially, it points to both the video quality and the quality of the content. The digital age has accustomed audiences to watching high-definition videos. Anything less than the quality video will be noticed. 

Aim for your video to display with a decent resolution. The video should look well put together. It will add to its overall appeal. By ensuring that your video looks and sounds great, you can guarantee that many of your viewers will be noticing, watching, engaging, and sharing. Lastly, as a general rule for content creators, cut out the fluff and keep the video short enough to retain attention.

Instead of setting out to make viral videos, aim for high-quality production. The viral potential is not a component that you can tweak. Focus on the originality, personality, and entertainment value.

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