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Tips to Ensure A Successful Video Marketing Campaign
Over the years, video marketing has become one of the most powerful strategies to engage target markets to a brand or product.

Here is a video marketing guide to help increase your engagement with your potential consumers through video content.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing refers to the use of videos to promote and market your brand, product, or service. This marketing strategy is designed to increase engagement on all of your business’s digital and social media platforms while educating your audience about what your business offers.

Video Marketing Statistics

There has been plenty of research done proving how video content is helping businesses make their brands known, provide information about their product or service, and bring in profits from an increase in sales.

A study conducted by HubSpot found that 50% of consumers prefer seeing videos about the brands they are interested in more than other types of content like social images and blog articles. But watching the video isn’t where the engagement ends. Putting a video on landing pages boosts conversion rates by over 80% while mentioning the word “video” in an email subject line will increase click rates by 19%. Including a video in the email then grows the click-through rate by 63%.

Further, 90% of customers say that they turn to videos to help them decide what brand to trust, products to buy, or services to get. SmallBizTrends found that video drives sales, with 77% of consumers admitting their buying decision was influenced by watching a video.

Video Marketing Trends

We can see several trends emerging from the kinds of video content that are getting the most engagement from audiences. Here are some of these trends:

Video Customized for Each Social Media Platform

Each social media platform has its specific style, and the key to getting engagement is to create video content that will stand out on each different platform. Content developers are now keeping an eye on horizontal or vertical perspectives or square-shaped videos to make sure they can be viewed comfortably on mobile devices.

Brief Video Clips on Social Media

Brief Video Clips on Social Media
A great way to make your audience feel like they are part of the action is using drone footage among your regular footage. You can also try using a drone to film anything that you would have recorded on a hand-held camera to lessen the footage’s shakiness and increase the quality of the video.

Educational Videos

You can create educational video content if you want your audience to know more about your product and how they are supposed to use it. These videos will help your sales and service teams as they show customers the benefits that your product or service can bring to their lives.

Corporate Training Videos

Try using videos to engage consumers as well as the people joining your team. These videos can help new hires with onboarding information, educate them about the mission and scope of your brand, and ensure a unified message across the board.

Social Media Videos

Video content for social media focuses on the story, so the key is to make sure it’s a compelling one. If an audience can connect to a story on an emotional level, they will feel more compelled to act on the connection.

Make sure to come up with a well-planned story before you start shooting and tailor your video content accordingly for each platform as they have different length limits. Make sure to make your content as visually compelling as can be since some people prefer muting the sound on their devices.

Live Streaming Videos

If you want your audience to tune in to your live streaming videos, tell them exactly where and when and make sure you are using the same social media platform on the same day of the week at the same time of the day. While you’re at it, try live streaming on ALL the platforms you can. Your target audience may prefer one platform over the other, so make sure you’ve got all bases covered.

Interactive Videos

Interactive videos are videos with clickable, interactive content. You can use this type of video to create a deeper engagement with your audience. The key to a successful interactive video is consistency. Your target audience may not be very familiar with interactive videos, so use the same technology for interaction to avoid frustrating your viewers and driving them away from your content. You can also utilize video branching, which will allow your viewers to skip to the parts of the video where they are most interested.

VR Videos

Virtual reality videos use 360-degree content to put your audience right into the action. Make sure to optimize your content so your audience can enjoy it even if they are not using a VR headset to view it.

Drone Videos

Video marketing has become a critical component of a marketing campaign. If you want to increase the engagement with your brand and product with the help of video marketing, reach out to BA Productions Group, LLC today!

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