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How To Make A Kick-Ass Commercial

If you want to produce a high-quality video that will catch the attention of your target audience and potential clients, you have to hire an experienced and highly-skilled camera crew to help you create your video project. You must hire a professional camera crew like BA Productions Group, LLC so they can assist you with the process of video production. In this article, we will be sharing tips on how to hire a camera crew. Keep reading below if you want to find out more information!


How To Hire

1. Plan – Planning is an important step especially when you are new to the video production scene. You have to plan and consider all the important aspects of a video production project. You have to set your budget, as well as understand the scope of your project. You have to prepare a list of the camera crew that you will need for your project to happen. If you are not sure how many team members you will need to work on your project, you can ask advice from a video production company like BA Productions. We will help you with your project and provide you your camera crew needs; we are often available to accept last minute projects so make sure to call us as soon as possible!

2. Hire your camera crew – If you are based in Northern California, check out BA Productions. We are a multiple award-winning video production company and we have more than 25 years’ experience in the film production industry. If you want to check out our portfolio, check the following links: Documentaries, Promotional, and Aerial.

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 3. Discuss your project – Once you have reached out to your chosen video production company, you have to discuss all the details about the project and how you have envisioned it. You can ask for their professional advice and ask them how they will help you during your collaboration together. If they express interest in your project you have to make sure that everyone is on the same page so you can work on your project smoothly and you can discuss your expectations from them. During this time you can also ask for their rate, the timeline of production, dedicated hours to shoot the video project, etc.

4. Remember the camera crew is your coworkers – The camera crew working on your project is your collaborators. You have to build a lasting relationship with them. You have to take time to get to know them and include them in the creative process. Your relationship with the crew can also affect the outcome of your project. Establish trust, communicate, and build camaraderie. This can be a great advantage in case you want to hire them again for your future project.

5. Express gratitude to your camera crew – After the project has been completed, you have to thank the camera crew who were a part of the video production, no matter how big or small their contribution is to your project. Give credit to anyone who has helped you finish your project, you can also send them a message or tell them in person. By simply saying thank you can make the person feel that you appreciate their help so don’t hesitate to extend thanks to your camera crew.

Express gratitude to your camera crew

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