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No matter the nature of your business, you will find yourself investing thousands of dollars, especially in marketing and production. That is why it is important to make the right decision – whether you will hire a video production company or handle the video yourself.

Aside from the expenses involved in purchasing your equipment or paying for the production studio, you could potentially lose time and earnings if the outcome is not at all great and the video itself does not have the desired results. This guide can help you decide whether to hire a production studio or go through the processs yourself.

Desired Outcome of the Video

Be sure to consider your expectations for your videos. Are you looking to generate new business or expand your brand awareness? Do you want to retain your existing clients? Or perhaps you want to provide training for your employees or sell access to your website.

Videos are perfect for any of these ideas and more. However, if you can identify exactly what you want to achieve, you can create a successful video. Additionally, with thoughtful planning, you can focus your energy and ideas on what you want to achieve.

When Should You Hire a Production Studio?

Hiring a video production company is only appropriate if you want to generate more leads or enhance your brand awareness. In these situations, you might want a more polished output than you can accomplish on your own. This can help in reducing those embarrassing moments. Additionally, there are greater chances that your video will be shared extensively.

When Should You Do It Yourself?

Remember that your objective is to engage and retain your existing clients. This means that it will require some personality so that they will be aware of whom they are dealing with. Furthermore, having a personality can help you gain your client’s trust. This is much the same as communicating with your employees. You will connect directly with your employees, which is more crucial than high production value.

On the other hand, if you want to sell your content, your decision will greatly depend on what type of videos you prefer. A hands-on approach would be more appropriate if your content is about crafting, cooking, or other similar DIY projects. Additionally, it is also the most cost-effective option.

If the video is for educational purposes, it might require many text overlays or graphics. If this is the case, hiring a production video company is best to ensure you have a more polished output.

How Much Is Your Budget?

It would be great if money is not involved in your creative goals. But sad to say, this is the world that we live in. You should be realistic when planning how much you want to spend on your videos. For instance, if your budget is less than $500, you can buy the necessary equipment and spend some time learning to use it rather than spending it on a one-time project.

You could try exploring rentals and used equipment to keep your costs down. You might already have everything you need to make certain types of videos. Essentially, you will need a natural source of light, a smartphone with an HD camera, and a method of capturing clear audio.

On the other hand, if you can afford to spend more, you might consider hiring a video production company or a video professional. However the extent of what they can offer you will likely depend on how much you are willing to pay them.

The best video production company will work with you regarding your budget. Consequently, they can create creative solutions while trying to keep the costs to a minimum. Additionally, they can provide you with several options concerning the project’s output while considering your budget constraint.

Sometimes budgeting can be quite a challenge. For instance, shooting a simple interview video in one location with fixed lighting and appropriate audio equipment is not expensive when done by a professional or yourself. However, hiring a production studio can be beneficial since it can ensure that the shots are properly framed, and the right equipment is used.

Everything is placed together appropriately, making it look more polished. If you do it on your own, then you might end up having a nice video, depending on your experience and skills, but the outcome is not always guaranteed. This might be sufficient enough, depending on the goals that you want to achieve with your video.

You should hire a production video company if you can justify the cost of production depending on your video’s goals and if you can afford to pay for it. Otherwise, you can do it yourself if you only have limited cash and don’t require any equipment or special effects for the video. Also, if you already have the equipment needed or want to acquire the essential equipment needed.

Are You Willing to Do the Workload?

What is important to you when creating videos, your time or money? You need to think about this carefully. Are you willing to spend several hours working on your video? If so, do you think you can produce a very professional result? The real concern is, do you think this is a good use of your time, and do you have the extra time to spare for it?

You can hire a production video company if you are a working professional or a busy entrepreneur. and don’t have enough time to spend working on this project. On the other hand, you can do it yourself if you have spare time to do the video production so you can achieve the desired results. This is more than you think; hence, it is important that you have to examine your schedule carefully and consider the amount of time needed for this task.

The entire process comprises making plans for your video, doing some script writing, obtaining the essential equipment, setting up everything, doing the film, dismantling everything, looking for a b-roll or making your own, searching for the perfect music track, and doing the edits on everything together. If you need to learn some of these steps, then the longer it will take for you to finish the project.


To summarize, you will need to hire a production video company if it is only a one-time project, you don’t want to purchase the essential video equipment, you don’t have the time or skills required, your budget allows you to do so, or your video needs advanced production work. Additionally, if the video is needed urgently, or you want to hire some talent rather than being the star of your video.

Otherwise, you can do it yourself if you have plans to continue creating videos, you want to know how to make videos, basic skills are needed in the project, you are willing to purchase or already have the essential equipment, don’t have the budget for anything fancy, or have the time to spend for the project.

Whether you choose to hire a production video company or do the video yourself, there are helpful resources that you can find on the web to help you in pursuing your dreams. No matter who you choose to work on the project, it is important that you should feel comfortable with them. They should be able to stay within your budget and adhere to your deadline. Check their demos, ask for client references, and look for reliable reviews. Most importantly, be sure to check for any red flags.

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