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Aerial/drone videography has experienced massive hype. Everyone appears to be joining in on the fun, using drones to produce amazing video footage that leaves the audience speechless and mesmerized, from production businesses to extreme sports athletes to regular citizens. To fully appreciate the advantages of aerial videography and how much easier it is to shoot truly distinctive images that provide the public with a fresh perspective, one must first recognize the buzz surrounding drones.

For a very long time, hiring an entire helicopter and a certified pilot for your production was the only option to shoot any aerial video or photograph. Then with the development of the first drones and advancements in technology and camera gear, RC enthusiasts were able to take breath-taking photos from previously unimaginable angles.

What formerly only a select few could afford is now easily accessible to the general public. Due to the expansion in this industry, there are currently several devices and systems available for usage by just about anyone in any circumstance.

The following are the top eight reasons your company should consider employing drone videos for your next business film production.


Having a business video professionally produced usually costs money, but it is a crucial investment in your company’s identity. For the money invested in it, they can deliver an unheard-of return on your marketing investment. With so many possible uses, video content offers diversity in its ability to connect with potential clients on a level that no other marketing strategy can.

As aforementioned, the traditional method of obtaining aerial video footage would be to hire a full-sized helicopter and a professional pilot. And, as you might expect, acquiring those things would be costly. However, thanks to the rapid advancement of drone technology, you can now capture the same scenic photos you would receive from renting a helicopter for a fraction of the price.

The great thing about drones is that, with a little preparation, you can film everything on the same day as your other footage, saving you time, money, and the hassle of planning everything you would need to acquire the desired aerial images. 

HD Full-Quality

With the advancements in drone and video technology, it is now possible to create breathtaking aerial videos recorded in 4k, just like the camera we provide with our drone services here at BA Productions. More professional 3-axis stabilization devices, or gimbals, are also available, which enables aerial shooting businesses like ours to switch out different cameras based on the kind of video you’re hoping to get.

Video Application

Many people are now seeing the use of drones, from music videos to news reports.  However, there are numerous additional situations where drones might be quite beneficial. Real estate, property management and development, event coverage, tourism, and sports training are among industries that can benefit from aerial videography.


Aerial movies capture a property’s full size, form, and layout. Potential buyers can view the property and its overall location. The aerial video does a fantastic job of presenting the property’s actual proportions. Customers want aerial views of the property in all its glory, so give them what they want.

Event Reporting

Show a bird’s eye view of the biggest concerts and outdoor festivals, fully documenting the entire experience. This is a great method to highlight athletic events in novel and unusual ways. It also offers a wholly different perspective for highlighting a sponsor’s involvement in an event.


In addition to displaying the surroundings and amenities, resorts will be able to offer unique tours. Give a general summary of various activities, such as kayaking, mountain trekking, and surfing.

Display beautiful aerial images of tourist destinations and landscapes. Aerial video can offer a unique perspective of a location, an activity, or a place. It is perfect for providing a bird’s eye view of a company’s operations and/or services from a variety of perspectives.

Any business that uses aerial video to improve its overall appeal should be confident that it will draw and keep its customers’ attention, increasing its future sales.

Save Time

Due to their mobility, helicopters were previously preferred over fixed-wing planes for capturing aerial footage. Despite their versatility, they still required a significant amount of time to prepare the location and all of the workers to oversee the entire operation and assure the safety of all those involved.

You don’t have those concerns with a drone team since you use a much smaller crew – often just a drone operator and someone who will operate the camera. This means that once you arrive at the site, you can be up and flying around in approximately 5 minutes, given that all the site surveys and risk assessments have already been completed.

In addition, if bad weather interferes with your shot, you can simply land the drone and wait until the next window of opportunity presents itself. Even if you only have a few minutes, you’ll be able to get your drone back in the air and acquire the shots you need. This would never be possible in a helicopter or a plane.

Endless Versatility

Because of their small size, drones can provide unique and intriguing video angles that would not be achievable with manned aircraft.

The power of drones allows them to fly everywhere, from a few inches above the ground to several hundred feet in the air, and anywhere in between. Drones can also fly around a room and out of a window to provide aerial filmmakers everywhere with a completely original shot, which is a cool thing that nobody else before could do.

The drones can also move left, right, up, and down at the pilot’s instruction while hovering in one area and routing there. The ideal camera location for the ideal shot can be provided by drones, which are entirely independent of the operator.

Become Remarkable

It will be much easier to attract customers and maintain their attention if you can create an attention-grabbing business video. After customers see your new aerial branded content, your company will be better equipped to increase sales conversions and brand awareness.

An effective way to make your brand stand out among competitors is to use aerial video as a first impression of your business. Additionally, it offers a unique opportunity to highlight the benefits of your location, accessibility, and surrounding characteristics from perspectives that weren’t previously possible.

When all’s said and done, the advantages of aerial videography are clear: a stunning video can help boost your business’s image and drive business wherever you need it. If you’re looking to upgrade your marketing profile or simply want to create a striking video, take a look at BA Productions. We can create the perfect aerial video—for real estate, tourism, documentary purposes, and more. For those who work in an industry that can benefit from dramatically improved quality, it’s well worth the extra effort.

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