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During the last few years, we have witnessed a drastic change in the media industry. With the growth of social media and higher internet usage, short videos have been dominating. That is why traditional advertisements are getting less popular nowadays, especially since more people are now tech-savvy.

Hence, it is important that you should be more creative when making your videos so you can attract more people. To help you with this, we have gathered some of the latest corporate video trends that are very promising.

Interactive Videos

With the rise of online shopping, interactive videos are also becoming more popular. You can take advantage of this type of corporate video to improve your conversion without spending too much on your advertising.

Live Videos

Live videos are also getting more attention these days, particularly on most social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. It continues to obtain a higher user engagement, most probably because of its live video-sharing features. Live videos on well-known video-sharing platforms such as Twitch and YouTube are also getting to be more popular.

When corporate videos are broadcast live, they can be more authentic, particularly, when they are accompanied by behind-the-scenes content. Viewers would love to watch live videos because they look real. Moreover, live talk shows made by corporations are more engaging to consumers, compared to those that are pre-recorded.

Vertical Videos

Since smartphones are now used for shooting videos, vertical videos are also getting to be more popular. It offers a more immersive experience to viewers, especially when the whole screen area is used. As long as it is used on the appropriate platform, vertical videos have shown excellent performance and can even outshine horizontal videos.

Searchable Corporate Videos

If you want to get more organic search traffic, then you should try using searchable corporate videos. This type of video features a question-and-answer structure. Be sure to use the accurate keywords in the title and metadata, so your video can take advantage of Google’s structured snippets. As a result, it will be easier for you to market your videos to your target audience. After publishing your video, you can even get a better ROI.

360-Degree Videos

More organizations are now using interactive videos due to the advanced technologies in VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality). Previously, these videos were very expensive to produce, but now companies can produce affordable videos that showcase a tour of their manufacturing area which offers more reality and convenience to their consumers.

Businesses can also make use of VR for their narratives and stories. At the same time, it can allow consumers to interact while enjoying the 360-degree view in the video as they are looking around. As a result, viewers can enjoy an exciting and memorable experience. It is expected that there will be more demand for 360-degree videos in the future.

Personalized Corporate Videos

Adding a new dimension to your corporate video means making it more personalized. This can make the viewers feel that they are special. Rather than making the same type of corporate video repeatedly, adding a touch of personalization allows you to target more customers. This can help in improving relationships, increasing conversion rate, building brand recognition, and responding to specific complaints.

Silent Videos

Be sure to consider silent videos as well. These days, most people watch videos during their breaks, while they are traveling, or right before sleeping. Obviously, we don’t want to increase the volume since it can disturb other people. That is why the best solution would be a silent video to engage your viewers in a much better way. This can make the video less disturbing, especially in public areas. At the same time, it can also make your company stand out from the crowd.

Longer Corporate Videos

Short videos are always here to stay since more viewers find them engaging. Nevertheless, there are also some consumers who are more interested in longer videos. With longer videos, you can express the journey of your company in a better way. At the same time, you can explain your products and services in more depth and detail, as a result, there is a better connection between your brand and your target audience.

Why is Video Marketing Important?

These days, video marketing plays a significant role in the corporate world, especially when building brand awareness. With the advent of ad-blocking applications, brands must search for other ways to communicate with their target audience. By taking advantage of these latest corporate video trends, it can help you in making your video marketing campaigns more successful and exciting.

Choosing a Corporate Video Production Company – What to Look for?

Are you searching for a professional videographer who can shoot your company events, interviews, or any other special events? If so, then the best ones that you can get are those that come from video production companies. Working with the best video production company does not only give you access to professional videographers but also to talented scriptwriters, editors, directors, and other expert crew members.

If you need corporate videos, then be sure that they are produced by professional video production companies. Aside from videography, this type of video needs pre- and post-production services. You can ensure that a professional video production company can provide you with all the support that you need from creating the concept and scriptwriting to shooting the video and editing.

To help you to choose the right video production company, there are some important things that you must consider.

Must Have a Specialization

Since you require specific video content, you should choose a video production company that has a specialization. Perhaps you require sales and marketing videos, recruitment videos, product videos, or interview videos.

Hence, it is important that you should check what their videographers or the company itself specialize in and make sure that it matches your needs. If you choose any random companies that do not specialize in the content that you want, then you will just be wasting your time and money.

Furthermore, you will not obtain the result that you want, making you feel frustrated. Otherwise, if you are working with a well-experienced videographer, then you can guarantee that you will get the result that you desire. A professional video production company will create a concept, then lay it out on the storyboard before they start shooting. In this way, there is a sense of where the video is heading.

Read Online Reviews

If you want to know whether a certain video production company offers good or bad service, then you should search for online reviews. Choose websites that provide both the positives and negatives of the company. Additionally, be sure to read what their previous clients have to say about the company. These reviews can help you in making well-informed decisions.

Check Their Portfolios

These days, most video production companies have their own portfolio. It is advisable that you should check them out so that you will have some ideas about their skills, style of work, and projects that they have undertaken.

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