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Preditor at BA Productions

Producer + Editor = Preditor


What is a Preditor?

A Preditor can be considered as the “New Video Professional.” Back in the day when the technical skills and time involved in producing the right film had to be separated into individual jobs, it was important to hire an expert for each aspect of a project. The technological advances in the video editing world allow video producers to manage many more aspects of the video production process.


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Why you should hire a Preditor.

A Preditor is able to advise you on all aspects of your project.

Having a production company that can work closely with you to create an award-winning video is more important than ever. Getting the information about the shoot when you need it is going to make everything run a lot more efficiently. Obtaining the knowledge of someone like a BA Productions Group, LLC Preditor is vital to move quickly while still getting the best result for your project.


Get high-quality video production services without being tied down to an expensive production studio.

In today’s world, it is about having the freedom to create compelling video for social media, movies, or television broadcasts. Many Preditors are also content producers taking on the role of Producer, Editor, and Publisher. This not only allows the Preditor to express their vision for the project but also allows the entire project to be completed within a predictable budget.

To get the best video clips you do not have to go to an overly priced video production company when you can work with BA Productions Group, LLC experienced crew. We specialize in Web Video, Television Broadcasts, Movie Footage and more.


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We can provide the missing link to your project by providing experienced professionals that can act as your producer and video editor. We address each project individually and you are not getting some drag and drop system. We take pride in the video projects that we help create.


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