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Commercials have always been the go-to-medium for advertising and marketing for a company or organization. Even if these commercials are only two minutes or less, these commercials have the power to make your company, service, product, or brand be remembered by your target audience. If you’re lucky, these will also be remembered by those who are not in your target audience, depending on how effective your commercial was.
How To Make A Kick-Ass Commercial

That is why a lot of people in business invest a lot in making a kick-ass commercial because they know the impact of a highly effective commercial to the audience whether it is a television commercial or an Internet commercial.

A commercial is a highly effective marketing medium because it is one of the most stimulating media. It is a dynamic presentation that satisfies our sense of sight and hearing and stimulates our limbic system (the part of the brain in charge of our emotions). With all of these factors done right, you can capture your audience.


Television or Internet commercial

In this article, we will be sharing the important aspects that your television or Internet commercial must have to make it kick-ass.

Mind you (and remember!) there is no absolute format or formula for the perfect kick-ass commercial. It does not even always need to have that Big Bang effect. It is different depending on your company or organization’s branding and what you want to say. But here are the essential factors to making that commercial that will make the people watch it twice.


A good commercial evokes emotion. People say the most important thing in a commercial is presentation. However, people are always drawn to commercials that touch some kind of emotion in them may it be happiness, sadness, or even anger. Netizens share a video online because they want others to feel what they have felt during or after watching the video.

Just like the recent video of the Volkswagen which bade farewell to the production of the famous Volkswagen Beetle cars after 81 years. This video, while not necessarily a commercial, evoked a strong sense of sadness, happiness, and most of all nostalgia among the people even if they have never owned this type of car in their lives.

In just over a minute and a half, it got people to well up. In five days, the video has over a million views on Youtube alone, not counting the views on their Facebook page. While the video was to bid farewell the production of the Beetle car, this has certainly raised excitement among the people on what Volkswagen will be producing in the next years.

Brand Resonance

Your commercial must resonate or be in sync with the overall branding of your company. Unless you have established that you did a rebranding, consumers do not like it when they see a video or advertisement that is not in sync with the company or brand they are already familiar with. They know it’s not you. Thus, if it’s not you, don’t do it. Stick with who you are and what your company is. However, it also does not hurt to get out of the box every so often.

Message Sent!

Do not finish a commercial without making sure that a message has been sent across to the viewers. Just to be clear, the message does not have to be conveyed literally through a voice-over or a slab of text on the screen. Sometimes, it all depends on the video that translates to the audience what you are asking from them or what you want them to do.

A message that is clear is a simple call of action. After watching this video, what kind of action do you want the viewers to take? Do you want them to check your website? Buy a bag of chips from the nearest convenience store? Or do you want them to remember this particular product?


As they say, “Simplicity is beauty.” People like what they are able to relate to or just comprehend. Sometimes, while we want to exaggerate a lot of things in terms of beautifying them visually, what people really want to see is the heart. They want something that is real and simple. Point blank. That will get you the audience that your company or product desires.


While we have established that emotion is indeed an important aspect that at times must overpower the visuals, visuals are still a vital factor in making an effective or a kick-ass commercial.

To convey the emotion and send the message across to your audience, a high-quality visual presentation is a must. It is said that our visual communication is the most effective way of passing information, because the human mind mostly processes things in images. So if you are going for a live commercial, this means that you will not be using animations, so you need a good camera team to set your visual communication in place.

The Magic of BA Productions

The Magic of BA Productions
Among our many services, television or Internet commercials are also something that we specialize in.

For all of our services including commercials, we do not just provide equipment that will help attain a high-quality visual presentation. Rather, we will also provide you with the tools, insights, and people needed to achieve a well-rounded commercial.

We will be there in all the phases of production, pre-production, production, and post-production. We give a lot of time to each phase because we want to make sure that we want to get the best out of the potential of your commercial.

We will be there in the pre-production phase as we listen to you and discover your goals, what your company or product is about, who your target audience is, and your challenges. We will execute all your desires and goals for your commercial in the production phase, and we will enhance them in the post-production phase. Each step is carefully done to make sure that everything will be in place.

Let’s get you and your company the dream commercial you deserve! Give us a call at 877-378-7225 and let’s get in touch today!