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Aerial filming has become a popular way of shooting video footage. If you want to know more information about aerial filming, then you came to the right place. Here at BA Productions, we offer aerial filming that can be used in a wide range of applications. To help you get started with aerial filming, here are some of its main points, including how it can be used for your business and how these are filmed.

What Are Aerial Filming Services?

Aerial filming is the recording of videos using an aircraft or a flying object such as a drone. The main tools that video production companies use for aerial filming are helicopters and drones. It is a great option for filming videos because it gives the target audience a unique perspective of an unfolding story. It proves to have a high vantage point compared to other video recording techniques and is the perfect option for logistical reasons as it can capture more area within a frame. 

Why is it Popular?

Aerial filming has increased due to the Federal Aviation Administration’s 2014 ruling that provided commercial permission for film companies that fly drones because it was previously prohibited and rigorously regulated.

Drone footage has become popularly used in recording videos, especially for films with a small budget and limited flying capabilities. Since the increase of aerial filming’s popularity, a lot of industries have opted for drone filming since most of the shots require high altitudes and long ranges.

What Are the Different Reasons Why You Should Choose Aerial Filming Services?

Aerial filming has allowed filmmakers to show their audiences a different perspective that they have not seen or experienced before. Since video production has been constantly evolving, filmmakers and producers have been busy creating videos of new worlds with a different perspective for their viewers to see. They are capable of showing dramatic sceneries and locations that no one has been able to see or visualize before. Breathtaking aerial scenes help transform a film and allow the filmmakers to let their target audience experience and be closer to the subject’s surroundings. 

Most filmmakers have used aircraft and helicopters to capture shots that were not easily obtained before. A lot of filmmakers nowadays have benefitted from using drones in capturing shots and videos such as nature and the surroundings. 

Aerial filming was once expensive but these days; it is now a popular and economical tool that a lot of industries have embraced when it comes to coming up with their companies marketing strategies. Due to the increase in the popularity of drones, a lot of filmmakers have used aerial filming services as a useful tool for creating substantial and influential imagery that captures the attention of their audiences who are eagerly anticipating them. The previous capabilities of filming that produced standard shots which were used for its technicalities such as bird’s eye view or overhead angles have served as surface-level visual representations in the film industry. 

Because of the continuous improvement of drone technology, a widespread availability of cost-efficient and custom aerial filming services has become accessible to clients all around the world. At BA Productions, we encourage our clients to use aerial filming for their video production needs. It has become an effective tool for creating possibilities and showing different modes of storytelling that have caught the attention of their potential clients and target audience. 

How Do Filmmakers Afford to Use Different Techniques in Aerial Filming?

Production costs such as drone flight rehearsals, location searching, pre-production shots and preparations, equipment transfer, and other technical aspects have increased the costs of aerial filming. Budgets have been limited, which means they can only manage basic shooting. There has been widespread accessibility and cost-effective means for video production companies like BA Productions. Nowadays, it is easier for video productions to use drones to shoot different scenes and various perspectives that are created to capture the attention of their viewers at minimal cost to the client. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Aerial Filming Aervices For Your Business?

Identify Your Company or Business

Aerial filming services have become a useful tool for companies and businesses to help their target audience to identify and learn more about their businesses. Aerial films have been effective in helping potential clients to identify your location, business size, and understand what they can expect when they go to you for business.

Companies and businesses can use aerial filming services so that they can create a story that will grab the attention of their potential customers. It has been effective in drawing them in. Marketing strategies have included video production projects that show your target audience why they need you and why they should hire your services or buy your products. Aerial shots can be used to encourage your clients so that they will choose you over your competitors. 

Show Your Company’s Progress

If your company or business is working in the construction industry or home remodeling services, you can use aerial film services to show the growth and progress of your work. Aerial films can provide bird’s eye-level views and other perspectives that you cannot see with traditional filming methods. You can also show a video presentation that focuses on the dramatic changes done over time for your project.

This can also help your audience identify how the future phases will be moving forward. This can help you create different shots throughout your project to capture the different stages of development. You can also go for a simple video presentation of the project after its completion so that you can show your clients your finished work.

Companies in remodeling services can also benefit by showing how their business is growing. You can show your company’s new expansion or a remodel that can capture the attention of your potential customers. Through this, you can encourage more clients in the process. 

It Can be Beneficial to Businesses

A lot of industries can benefit from using aerial film services, and one of them being the real estate inudstry. The real estate field is a highly competitive one. By using aerial film services, you can show your clients the different properties that you are offering. You can have a video production company work on a sensational video showing your properties and the surrounding areas to make your listing stand out from the competition, especially if there are plenty of competitors on the market. 

Provide dimension using aerial views

Previously whenever clients want to see the aerial view of properties, they will have to be flown over in a helicopter or an aircraft. This has been an expensive procedure and not a practical solution. By using aerial filming services, you can provide your clients an aerial view of the properties that you are offering and they can also see the surrounding area. You will not have to spend a lot of money by hiring a helicopter to provide your clients with aerial views of the properties. 

Putting Things Into Perspective

When a client wants to purchase a property, they prefer to view it in the context of its neighborhood and surrounding areas. By providing aerial video footage, you will give your client a comprehensive perception of the property and how it fits into the surrounding areas. For an effective marketing strategy, you can combine brochures and virtual tours so that you can grab the attention of your target audience and even convince those who are planning to purchase a property. You can present aerial video footage of the property that highlights the features and positives of the surrounding neighborhood. 

Keep Up With the Competition

Due to plenty of competitors in the market, you want your clients to choose you. To do this, you have to come up with a way to stand out. Using aerial video footage, you can keep up with the competitive market. Your company can excel in your marketing strategy if you choose the right video production company to create your marketing videos. 

Use the Latest Drone Technology

At BA Productions, we have been providing aerial video services since 2003 using helicopters and we started using drones in 2012. We are FAA insured, certified, and licensed. Our equipment includes the following: Inspire 1 bird with X5 camera; it has 2 lens options, ND filters, and two remotes. It has state-of-the-art fail-safe safety features that include GPS flight systems and is capable of automated flight in case we need pre-planned routes. It will need one or two-person crews. We can capture low orbiting aerial footage to different places that were not possible without using a helicopter or a boom operator.

You can present the finished marketing products to your clients by investing in economical and efficient aerial video footage by hiring aerial film services. This will send out the right messages to your potential clients. Make sure to present your best by making a good first impression. 

If you are interested in hiring a video production company for aerial filming services, you must choose BA Productions. We have been working in the video production industry for more than 25 years. We have the skills and experience to provide you with the best video-based services that you need by offering video-based services for our clients since 1992 and have received multiple awards for our video production services. 

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