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Creating video content for promotional and marketing purposes is not easy. Most of the time, marketing personnel are required to create marketing videos for their company, but some of those videos end up not performing well. The video content that they create is meant to be promotional videos that will encourage customers to buy their products or avail their services.

Since not everyone is talented in creating promotional videos, they tend to create videos that do not engage their audience or convert clients. Oftentimes, their audience ends up not being interested in the marketed brand. If you are searching for information about video content, you came to the right place. Here at BA Productions, we will be discussing the eight mistakes to avoid when creating video content. 

Before creating your video content for marketing purposes you must first determine the goals of the video. What is the purpose of the video? What type of video must be created to disseminate your message to the masses? 

Here is a list of eight mistakes to avoid during video planning and pre-production

Not preparing a script

One of the most common mistakes marketers and producers do when creating videos is not using or preparing a script. A video script must be written first. You can use a pen and paper to write or type the words on your laptop.

Organize your thoughts and create a cohesive story that will be reflected in the video. You can create a draft for the script and allow the other team members to check it and practice it before you start filming the video. This way, you can check the flow of the words and change unnatural words to guarantee a casual and conversational tone. 

Using the wrong tone

Before creating video content for your company’s marketing strategy, you must know your brand values and the product or service that you will be showcasing. Your video content must be based on the product, services, and must reflect the brand values of your company. The script, wardrobe, background music, and lighting are some of the elements that must be coordinated and have the same tone as all of them can impact how the target audience will feel after they finish watching your video content. 

For instance, if your company is offering pest control services, make sure your video will focus on the services that you offer. You can create a video that educates your target audience and before the video ends you must provide them with a call to action so they will know that you are the company that they can rely on when they need help in pest control. The tone of the video and the voice-over must be aligned with the tone and branding of the service that you provide. This will help make sure that you do not confuse your audience.

Not caring about the lighting

Any video content can become dull and tasteless if the lighting is not properly handled. Lighting is something to invest in when shooting a video. You do not have to use expensive or professional-grade equipment; all you need is a lighting expert to work on the video. Double-check the whole shot so that you can determine which areas will need additional lighting.

Look into ambient light for your set, and make sure that the light set-up is carried out properly. Try to take advantage of natural light sources when possible, and mix the color temperature of the video. If you do not have an expert on the team, you can hire a video production company like BA Productions to help you with this aspect of the video production process. 

Not using high-quality sound equipment 

Using the right audio and sound equipment is crucial when creating promotional video content for your company. A video can be perfectly made, but when the audio appears garbled or the volume is too low, your audience will not be able to understand your video. The audio plays an important role in the way your target audience experiences your video content. Because of this, you must make sure that your customers will understand your message so they will have good engagement and have a positive overall experience when they watch your video. 

There are three main variables that you must consider when recording sound and music for your video content: the quality of the microphone you are using, the place where you are recording, and the distance of the microphone from the sound source. 

Aside from using a high-quality microphone, you will also need audio gear, and you must keep in mind that to record the video you will also use a video camera like a DSLR. Once you have recorded the audio and sound for your video, you must check it thoroughly. If there are echoes in the audio, you must try to rerecord it so you can get a clear and natural sound as much as possible. 

Not producing stable video footage

Have you ever seen wobbly video footage? It can make you feel sea-sick while watching it. You must make sure to review your video and make sure that your footage is not shaky. Most cameras and video equipment nowadays have built-in stabilization but shaky footage can still happen from time to time so you have to be careful. Shaky video footage can be dealt with during post-production. 

You can shoot stable handheld video footage. You must be extremely careful to capture steady shots. You can use a tripod while shooting the scenes. You can also use it to capture scenes with time-lapses, close-up scenes, or when you are shooting a video with limited manpower. You must rely on stabilization gear to help you capture steady video footage. 

Not being creative

If your company is offering products or services, promotional and marketing video content can be an excellent way to introduce your brand to the market. You can present video content to introduce your products or services to the public. This can be useful in answering their questions and catching their attention making them interested in buying your product or hiring you for your services. 

If your company has developed a new product you should introduce it to the market, you can create an entertaining video that provides interesting information to the audience. For example, you can create a short video highlighting your product and at the same time make it fascinating and fun. You can also incorporate a catchy song about its features or create a short film wherein the main characters are showing off your product by using it. 

Not using a call to action

For marketing or promotional video content to be successful, it must be capable of conversion. Your company’s video content for promotional or marketing strategy must encourage your audience to purchase your products, hire you for your services, subscribe to your newsletter, etc. You must keep in mind to include a call to action in your video so you can tell your audience what to do next. 

You can use a call to action in your script so you can drop a hint for your viewers. You can also include illustrations or graphics in the post-production process. Call to action and other conversion tools are useful in creating chances for engaging your audience. 

Not hiring a professional video production company

Most companies or businesses create their video content for their marketing strategy, however, it can be a hit or miss especially if those in charge of the project do not have the skills and experience in creating video content that captures the attention of the viewers. If you are located in Northern California, you must hire BA Productions to help you create high-quality video content for your company. We can help you create promotional and corporate videos. If your company needs a marketing video, we can help you with the video production process. 

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