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Behind the Scenes

Definition of “Behind-The-Scenes”

“a behind-the-scenes glimpse, revealing or reporting the hidden workings, a behind-the-scenes account“

With the advent of social media becoming more and more prevalent in many industries, a lot of clients are either hiring photographers to shoot, or requesting our team shoot photos behind the scenes. The following are photos authorized for posting.

We very much respect privacy of our clients and will honor NDA’s without any question.

Definition of “Behind-The-Scenes”

After a full year shooting throughout central and southern California, we wrapped up a documentary in June called “The Sweet History of California Strawberries”.

The program began airing June 13th on PBS throughout the state.

Hired by some of the world’s leading companies

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Producing compelling videos for our clients is of utmost importance, but the experience during the process is equally important.

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