• Pre-Production

  • Production

  • Post-Production

  • Distribution & Delivery


We begin any new project with a round of discovery and conversation. This Pre-Production phase is our chance to ask and listen and really begin to learn what your story, audience, goals, and challenges are. This phase includes research, talking to your people and looking for material that may influence the overall concept of the video. This will help us develop a style and tone for the piece.

Conceptual Development

Armed with a strong sense of your brand, audience, and goals we then begin to develop concepts that we feel would best tell a story. We will write treatments that define our story and stylistic approach. We often accompany these treatments with relevant links to help see the idea more concretely. These treatments serve as conversation starters to really narrow in on the concept that will guide us through the rest of the process.


Once a concept is defined, we move into the scriptwriting process. We work closely with the client to develop a messaging outline that provides structure for the script. As we write, we bring in all that we’ve learned about the brand, story, and tone defined by the concept. This is where we can develop inspiration, humor, or emotion that helps to connect the story to the audience.

After the Pre-Production phase, we launch into Production, Post-Production, and Distribution & Delivery.

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